Mandie (irishgypsie) wrote in ag_over_18,

I hope they make more historical movies

AG needs to make another historical girl movie. I love the four that exist, although I guess since this much time has gone by it's not likely that another one is in the mix.

However, they should totally make an Addy movie and cast this girl, because she's PERFECT.

 photo Quvenzhaneacute-Wallis_zps88be9285.jpeg
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What an adorable girl!

Yeah, it's time for Addy to get a movie. She was my first AG. I wanted one with long hair I could do various braiding hairstyles. When she came along I was in love, not just because of the hair but her wardrobe was like the 1855 clothes I was wearing when Victorian caroling. Addy even had a hoopskirt, just like me.
She'd be a gorgeous Addy! Addy, Kaya, and Josefina are long past due for a movie.
I agree. They were originally going to give Julie a theatrical movie. You saw all the sales go up for Kit when her movie released theatrical. I admit that made me buy Kit for my birthday. Couldn't resist. I find it a really stupid move by American Girl to just dump that movie with so much potential...and turn it into the wonderful wonderbread the gymnast Mckenna movie. This is the whole reason why I refused to watch that movie because it ruined my Julie movie. The girl who played Toulane was originally cast as Ivy Ling, and Jade Pettyjohn was orginally cast as Julie. Makes sense, right? If they had just gone ahead and made the movie, we wouldn't be sitting here grieving the friend doll's retirement because their collections would actually get a chance to expand and sell. I don't know why they even bothered taking up the GOTY movies again. It had been 3 years since the Chrissa movie. What made them dump the Julie movie and go for Mckenna was obviously because of the Olympics... So stupid and ridiculous. And I believe we do need an Addy movie too. Addy is my favorite historical girl and I've been wanting an Addy movie for years.
And on a side note.. check out the GOTY 2015 audition on Living a Doll's Life. BLONDES. ALL FREAKING BLONDES. Let's hope they dye her hair like they dyes the actress who played Saige! And of course her friend is another racially diverse girl. Let's just dump the diversity to the sidekick level again. Never the main girl.