Angel or faery? (the1butterfly) wrote in ag_over_18,
Angel or faery?

As if I haven't posted enough lately...

So Maria doesn't have a bed, but I have a small bedroomish space set up for her (which couldn't actually fit a bed, so it's just as well). I thought I'd share because doll spaces are fun, and I haven't done much to personalize a lot of the other spaces.
Maria's Room 1

So I need head room because the Tibetan prayer flags are blocking the whole place. Her cd book is on top of her cd player- I need to make mini cds for it. She's got a couple of her toys lying around. I'm going to have to make up some mini books- I want to load up a bookshelf.

Maria's Room 2

There's Maria's pet rat, Mr. Timothy Whiskers. I notice that AG has had a whole variety of pets, but never a pet rat. I had fun making the bulletin board (fabric, ribbons, cardboard, padding, and lots of tacky/craft glue). Maria moved, so the board's got pictures of her old friends, random mementos, and a New Moon poster. I'm debating getting the scrap book kit because I imagine it'll have more stuff like this. Does anyone have it?

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