newleaf31 (newleaf31) wrote in ag_over_18,

Simultaneously the worst and funniest doll-auction caption ever

Whilst browsing the 'bay to see what new AG offerings were out there, I stumbled upon this listing under the Bitty Baby category. Here are some of my thoughts on this auction.

1) This is not a Bitty Baby.

2) Not only is the doll not "Oriental," since that's not a word that applies to human beings, and OMG WHY CAN'T PEOPLE LEARN THAT, but neither is the carpet he comes with. Am I the only one who finds this extremely amusing? Or is it just that I'm severely sleep-deprived?

3) I spent a solid two minutes searching the picture for the "bong" and wondering why they'd posed the doll with a GONG, before I finally figured out what was going on. (See above reference to sleep deprivation.) I was going to have to bid on a doll that came with a bong, AG or no AG, if only to steal the accessory for my AG dolls. Because Elijah, Hannah, and Tegan totally get blazed at the weekends.
Tags: point and laugh
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