newleaf31 (newleaf31) wrote in ag_over_18,

Indicators that the thread you've started on AGPT is unlikely to foster productive conversation

1) It's about religion. That's all it's about. People's religious affiliations. (Notice the absence of the phrase "or the lack thereof.")

2) It's a spinoff from a thread where you've essentially called African American collectors who collect dolls of color racists.

3) You include a poll of religious affiliations which:
-----a) totally fails to include a "not religious" option.
-----b) places Catholics in a separate category from Christians, thereby immediately and completely alienating most of the posters who were actually taking your part in the aforementioned racism thread.
-----c) lumps the great majority of the world's religions apart from Christianity and Judaism into the category of "other."

(Because I'm a biblical scholar by profession and have two seminary degrees, I always feel this self-imposed pressure to participate in threads that have to do with religion, because I have the strong need to counter all the stereotypes these threads inevitably foster about theists. Thankfully, I don't even know where to begin with this thread. Every time I've considered jumping in, this is what happens to me. So I'm just going to sit back, shake my head, and hope that most of the people -- whatever their religious or nonreligious affiliation -- who stumble upon it already understand the score.)
Tags: declaration of snarkiness, so off topic it hurts
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