Mandie (irishgypsie) wrote in ag_over_18,

First time AG buyer!

Hello friends!

I just joined this community because I've finally decided to stop judging myself for my own interests and save up for some AG dolls. I've wanted them since I was a child and never had one, and now that I'm an adult I can spend my money how I want. Ha. Plus I just had a nice chat with my husband who said he didn't think it was weird at all that I like dolls and that he has no problem with me adding a few more to my collection. He's awesome and I think I'll keep him. :)

Anyway, so that now leaves me with a big decision. Which doll do I bring home first?? Obviously they are expensive and I don't have a ton of space to keep them, so I think eventually I'll really only be able to have about four. My original doll wish list contains eight, so some cuts will have to be made. And I'll have to decide which order to buy them in.

My original wish list was this: Julie, Rebecca, Molly, Nellie, Josefina, Cecile, Kanani, and Sonali.

I think I can fairly easily cut Julie, Molly, Nellie, and Kanani (even though I love her hair!) because my definite three are Rebecca, Josefina, and Cecile, which leaves Sonali as a good fourth pick although I'll have to brave Ebay for her.

I'm thinking of bringing Rebecca home first. I don't know why, but I have a serious soft spot for her doll. I think she's really beautiful. Plus I enjoyed her stories, as outlandish as they were. Josefina has been my favorite character for some time now and I think her doll is really pretty, and Cecile just joined my list of must haves because she's gorgeous and I really like her character (separate rant - she should have been the solo main character for her series instead of sharing the spotlight with Marie-Grace).

Who do you guys think I should bring home first? Which doll did you first bring home and what made you decide on her?
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The practical thing as a collector would be for me to talk about how Josefina's collection is constantly shrinking and you should get her NOW before she goes away...BUT the thing is? you should get the doll that makes your heart happy. If you liked her stories, Rebecca is an excellent choice. She's so pretty and her hair is lovely!
Hi, Amanda. Welcome to AG collecting. I just recently got into AG dolls, too--my thought process ran along much the same lines as yours: "I've wanted them since I was a child and never had one, and now that I'm an adult I can spend my money how I want. Ha."

You've done a great job narrowing down your choices, but I'm also wondering if you've opened up the can of worms that is checking into the MyAG line (the unnamed masses).

For myself, I went with my gut as to which doll to get first and I think you should, too. If your gut is saying Rebecca, go for Rebecca! Since you asked, I brought home a custom doll first. I had really enjoyed Felicity's stories as a child, but the doll Felicity didn't "look" like Felicity to me--when I saw a doll that looked like Felicity (Marie-Grace mold, Felicity wig, Cecile eyes--there is much more green than brown in this pair of hazel eyes) I bought her within 24 hours of seeing her pictures. This doll is the doll I have wanted since I was a child.
Thanks! I really should change my display name though as I almost exclusively go by Mandie (except when I'm in trouble.)

I didn't realize there were any MyAG dolls with the Marie-Grace mold. She's adorable and I do like her a lot. I've browsed through MyAG and there are two that I like, but I'm not yet good enough at recognizing molds (outside of classic because I'm not a fan of the classic) to easily identify them. I'm pretty sure one of them is the Sonali mold. I have a thing for her and Josefina, because I realized that of my four wish-list dolls two have the Josefina mold and two have the Sonali mold. :D
Go ahead and change your name now; it doesn't take long at all.

Unfortunately, there aren't any MyAG dolls with the Marie-Grace mold yet; my doll started out as Marie-Grace and someone swapped around eyes and wigs to create her. Recognizing molds is just something you pick up after looking at dolls for a bit. I'm not a big fan of the classic mold, either, but I have my first classic mold doll on her way to my house right now so I'll see what I think of her once she's here. I find the Josefina and Sonali molds beautiful, too. I also like the Addy mold in dark skintones, so I really like all of the molds except classic.
Oh! She sounds beautiful; do you have any pictures? I'd love to see.