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Hi! I'm JT. I'm in my late 20s, genderfluid currently identifying as female, and I am so excited to be here. I've wanted an American Girl doll since I was in the target age range, back in 1997 or so, and last month I finally got one! :D

This is my doll: Aduke Uhura Chikezie, a modern-day descendant of Addy Walker. She tells Addy's story at Civil War re-enactments while dressed in historically accurate clothes -- otherwise known as Addy's meet outfit and Christmas dress. :D (When I can afford the fabric, I'm going to sew her the school outfit as well.) The rest of the time, she wears modern clothes.

Addy doll in modern clothes

I'm extremely proud of Aduke's hairstyle. I'm a crew-cut Whitey McWhiterson myself, and this is easily the most complex thing I've ever done with any sort of hair, let alone doll hair.

I'm very proud of her hairdo

Sadly, all my photos of Aduke/Addy in her historical outfits are crappy and badly-lit, and right now I'm too tired to change her clothes again. In a few days, though, she's going to have a cosplay outfit for another ancestor of hers -- a free, relatively upper-class girl of color from the Revolutionary War era. :D I haven't done all the research to decide on her name and exact background yet.

Doll Dress Layout

(I've wanted Felicity's Christmas dress for at least seventeen years now, okay. My mom would never let me have an American Girl doll growing up because they were -- not too expensive, but "too feminist". Most of the girls disobey their parents at some point! Samantha's Aunt Cornelia is a suffragette! Molly... uh... uh, Meet Molly has that stupid rhyme about underpants! In short, they were A BAD INFLUENCE and must not be let in a good Christian home like ours. Guess who's now an agnostic animist pagan type with a major hate-on for organized religion? ;P There was more to it than that - my mom is a super-fucked-up control freak, as far as my life goes - but it's a nice little microcosm, and it amuses me.)

I plan to keep adding to Aduke's family tree as I accumulate more outfits from different periods of history. But right now, it's late and I'm going to bed.

Wave goodnight to the nice folks on the other side of the camera, Aduke!

Addy waves to the camera

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