justice_turtle (justice_turtle) wrote in ag_over_18,

Kit's school jumper discontinued :P

Well, fuck. Kit's School Outfit is apparently discontinued -- it wasn't on display at AGDC when I went today, and when I asked a salesperson about it, he offered to look in the backroom, then consulted with another salesperson (saying "Ah, I'll ask the expert") and reported that it was recently discontinued.

Not that I was especially planning to get it -- I'm all about the mix'n'matching, so an outfit as matchy-matchy as that one wasn't really up my alley -- but it was blue. I like blue. And the putative replacement is seriously fugly... and, of course, pink. :P

(In other news, I've got a giant Detail Close-Up Photos Of AGDC Displays post coming on my LJ later this week, to be linked here. I'll be going in to Tysons again before then, so if you're specially interested in non-catalog shots/descriptions of any current AG item, please do place requests here! :D I know more and more people live near AG stores as they expand, but I'd never been in range of one before I moved to the DC Metro area, so. *shrugs*)

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