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American Girl Collectors! - New Board for Boarders!

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[Image: Top image is the American Girl 5-point star logo and the text "American Girl Collectors." Below that is a promotional image of MyAG#33 (Classic mold, blue eyes, curly light red hair) dressed in the recently released Rainy Day Coat and Rainy Day Set. She is in a garden setting with Meatloaf (a brown and cream bulldog) propped up to look at her.]

As y'all know, I have not been on the two major AG boards what with being banniated. And I know many other people haven't as well--or have tried to sign up and been banned, shunned, blocked, or put on probation for being "mean" or what have you, and had to tiptoe around draconian modding. So and I started talking around last fall about the need in the AG fandom for an open AG message board that doesn't require posts to be hidden so you can see what you want before signing up, and that won't lock down topics for being "controversial" or argumentative. And after much work, we have put together an open, free, public message board.

Announcing the grand opening (as of Feb 13) of American Girl Collectors: A message board for AG fans far and wide!

While the board is called AG Collectors, understand that you do not have to have an AG doll to be part of our board. While chances are you're going to at least like them, you don't have to just talk about them. There's boards for Monster High, Barbie, BJD, off topic, or whatever you'd like to enjoy with us. We ask that you follow the rules, and understand that we're all going to act like adults and be treated like such--and that means reacting and talking like adults too. (but y'all don't got that issue, do y'all?) Read our rules, follow them, sign up, and be part of our newly blooming community!


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