Anna York (annayork) wrote in ag_over_18,
Anna York

BeForever BS

From AG's Facebook:


Soon, we’ll say farewell to Marie-Grace, Cécile, Ruthie, and Ivy: Complete your collection while supplies last—quantities are extremely limited. This fall, the rest of the historical characters become BeForever, a fresh approach to these American Girl favorites that we’ll reveal in the coming months!

Excuse me while I put on my ranty-panties...

OK, I don't think I have enough 4-letter words for this "BeForever" idea.

And WTF Marie-Grace and Cécile (who is one of the most gorgeous dolls of their line) JUST came out what... 3-4 years ago!

Wonder if they'll get more Barbie-Blonde, Pepto-Puke-Pink like Caroline?

I started to lose interest in the line after they did the (blonde!) Julie BS in 2007 instead of recognizing an important American milestone of Jamestown.

Ever since Mattel bought the company, the emphasis on learning via play has gone out the window to mass-producing status-symbol dolls that have gone up in price but down in quality.

I guess I can give up hope that they'll EVER redeem themselves....

Can ANYONE find anything good in this? Or just more dread? I'm worried about seeing a blonde Samantha in a pink dress.


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