Mandie (irishgypsie) wrote in ag_over_18,

Sweepstakes and dolls

I've been entering the sweepstakes every day for a chance to win a doll and a pet. I know which pet I want (the kitty!) but I can't decide which doll I would choose if I did win. I'm debating between three strong contenders and a fourth dark horse. Maybe you guys can help me (because since chances are I won't win, I'm really just trying to decide which doll to buy next, haha.) I'm not including the new Samantha here because I'm pretty sure I will end up getting her regardless since she was my favorite as a child and had been archived before I started collecting (plus I think the new one looks cuter than the original). So Sam is a given. Here then are my contenders:

Caroline: I love her stories, more than I thought I would. Before I read them I saw her doll and wasn't instantly in love, but then I really liked the character so started thinking about getting her doll. But I don't like the classic mold and I'm not sure I want a blonde doll (right now I own Josefina, Cecile, and Ruthie). But I do like her outfits.

Julie: She was originally on my long list of dolls that at one point included nine. Due to cost and storage space I trimmed it down to four (but obviously that's changed because Ruthie was never on either list and then when they canned her I had to get one because I love the underdogs). Like Caroline I really like Julie's character and stories. I don't love most of her outfits because the 70s were just UGLY. But the doll is cute and I could find better looking hippie clothes for her. She's another blonde which bugs me, but I could make room in my collection for one blonde. I just hate that most of AG is a sea of blondes. It's unnatural. There are not that many blonde people in the world.

Rebecca: You may remember that Rebecca was on my short list of three a few months ago. But then I saw her in the store and wasn't as impressed. I can't even say why. But I'm still thinking of getting her because I really love her stories and most of her outfits.

Dark Horse: JLY 47. I haven't been too interested in the moderns because to me American Girl is all about the historicals who have names and stories. My AG is just so anonymous and feels kinda weird. But I would have liked a Sonali and this seems the closest I can get without giving in to Ebay scalpers (which I refuse to do). If I got this one I would invent a character for her and have to come up with appropriate clothes and I'm not sure how to do that. I could do a 1980s girl although I hesitate to do that because I'M a 1980s girl and I'm not old enough to be historical, dammit. :P I am also thinking about turning the newest one (61) into Felicity since she's got red hair and green eyes. Damn classic mold though...

So what do you guys think?

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