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Felicity's Accessories - Traveling Gown Version

This is a must for anyone with a historical Felicity, even if they don't bother with most of it. (She can't go out with her hat! It's improper!) Again, one by one:

Hat: A. The hat has a matching ribbon--half lavender, half white--to the new Meet Dress. It doesn't really match anything else, so I'll need to make her a good neutral hat without any ribbons.

Choaker: C. It fits with her meet dress, but that's ALL it matches to. I missed her coral necklace so much that I splurged and bought her a string of REAL coral to make her a necklace for ten dollars. It has a hook and eye fastening in the back, artfully hidden. Nice, but not meet worthy and should have been included.

Garters: A++ item would tie again! I live that they have the year and name stitched in. It's the little details that make it real. Garters were tied both above and below the knee. I tie them above because they're cuter.

Bit: A. I love coins, and this is no exception. The bit is very nices, if a bit big. It looks like it's broken off a real coin. I wish I had the rest of it to compare.

Hankerchief: D. Yay, squares of cloth. Yes, necessary. Still not impressed with a square of cloth.

Handbag: B. I like the design--it's silky and has strings at the top, and fits neatly over Felicity's hand. It doesn't hold much, really--but that's what pockets are for!


Hat, from the side.


Garter message.

Garters tied on. (It was very hard to take this shot without showing my hand or anything else.)

Bit and handkerchief.

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