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ag_over_18's Journal

American Girl Doll Discussion for Grown-Ups
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American Girls Over Eighteen
"If you read past this point, it's your own fucking fault if you get upset." ~ embyquinn

Tired of having to censor yourself for the younglings in the world of AG? Want to talk about topics that just aren't love, light, and lollipops in the AG universe? Want to discuss Girls, Inc. for ONCE? Enjoy mocking clothing that looks like crap? Have you ever felt frustrated with the compulsory niceness of other AG boards? Enjoy a Doll macro or two? Have you wanted a little (or a lot) of debate? Maybe you want a little snark in your life? Or even a bit of slash fanfiction? Or to have a discussion of race and gender and sexuality without having the goddamn thread locked because someone got butthurt at a privilege check?

Never fear, AG_over_18 is here! We're a bunch of "grown-ups" who don't play nice in the AG world--if AG Fandom was a high school we'd be the bad kids smoking and drinking behind the football field during the pep rallys while grown up!Felicity and Elizabeth make out and we take pictures.

If you are here and want to apply, here's the application. Don't forget to read the damn rules, too.

Note that you are not required to own an AG doll of any type to be part of the community. If you're a fan of just books, or just stories, or just AG, or what have you, go ahead and apply anyways.

If you're a doll, please have your human join this community, and then have your human help you make a blog so you can participate in our_dolls_snark.

If you'd like to be added to the American Girl Google Calendar (or if you want an event added to it), please email bean_bunny. Her email address is below. The calendar is for members only.

Your maintainers (and Queens of the Banned) are the mostly amusing and delightfully weird kittikattie and bean_bunny.


The Damn Rules:

Top Rule: The Rules are Subject to change at any moment, and are active from the time they hit the place.

1. Maturity is a frame of mind, not a digit. You don't actually have to be 18 or over to post--we just expect that you behave like an adult. And by adult we mean mature, not "ooo, rated X." Likewise, being a legal adult doesn't mean you get to act like a five year old. There are very mature 16-year-olds and immature women of 40.

2. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from response. You can say what you want, but other people can say what they want back to you. If you say something, you will be defending it yourself. "Just my opinion" is not Super Special Internets Code that means "You can't challenge me anymore, nyah nyah now shut up."

3. This isn't The Stepford Wives. Deal with it. Not everyone is going to be of the same religion, race, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, or political views that you are. You don't have to like it, but you DO have to be respectful. And when we say respectful, we don't mean that you won't get challenged if you state an opinion. See Rule #2.

4. Cut your pictures. Your post can scroll forever (it's considered courteous to cut long lumps of text) but if you've got more than a few pics, cut. Don't know how?

<*lj-cut text="Whatever you want to say">
Stuff you're posting goes here

Take out the asterisks. Tada! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

5. No trolling, no flaming, no porn. Duh. There's a difference between "I disagree with you" and "You're a fucking moron".

6. Think before you post Ebay links. There's no problem with linking to open auctions, or clearly labeled auctions, or your own auctions. The problem comes when bargains are debargained: that is, mislabeled auctions are outed. If you really think that someone would personally be interested, We're sure you can contact them directly.

7. Regulate your own language. Don't like cursing? Cool. But don't tell others not to. We're not going to censor anyone's language. We're all big girls here, we all can handle a little "crap" and "sucks" and "the internet is for porn."

8. No naming names. We don't want to lose our pretty comm over someone complaining that we're smearing them. So, while you may talk about people who have been pains in the ass, don't give out their real names. And, for super sensitive stuff, go ahead and f-lock it.

9. Try to avoid netspeak. We like it when you type in English. type in spelled out English. 4 and 2 are numbers. Ur is an archaeological site. DH is the final Harry Potter book, DW is Arthur's little sister, DS is a Nintendo handheld, and DD is a bra size.

10. Caveat emptor. Buyer Beware. Now if someone comes over here and rips you off, they will get smacked down. However, if you follow links to eBay/doll clothes/other sites and get ripped off in some way, we're not responsible for it. This probably won't happen much, but tis best to cover our butts.

11. What goes on here stays here. Yeah, we shouldn't be talking about names and anything anyways per rule 8. But don't go blabbing to other boards about what goes on in this place. Unlike most other AG boards, this place is not kid friendly, and it's best you keep quiet. This means if the post is f-locked, you DEFINATELY don't talk about it.

12. No just joining to crosspost your sale things. We don't like it when people show up in communities and are only here to say "Oh, buy my stuff! Bid on my auctions! Get my shit!" That's not what we're for. Furthermore, if the only reason you're in here is to sell shit and not to participate in the delight that is AG Over 18, we'll boot you. The post WILL be deleted, it will be directly deleted, do not pass Madison, WI, do not collect Nellie and Samantha.

13. Fill out the application to join, please. Unless you've been invited. Then jump right in. If your journal is less than a month old, you will not be allowed in without express mod approval. Don't even try. You must also fill out the application AND apply to join with the Join Community button or we will feed your application to Sombrita. Also, no creating a journal, sitting around for a month, and joining. And empty and/or a completely inactive/non friended journal will not be allowed to join. If you are f-locked, we should be able to see that you've recently posted in some manner. If you're only using the journal to join the comm, then you must verify who you are and how you found us--and if you're from another board, we're going to check that.

14. Every Saturday is Dollerday. POST SOME FUCKING DOLLS. (Literally? Figuratively? You be the judge!)

15. Other Holidays: We also enjoy celebrating Time Travel Tuesday, Read a Book Wednesday, Crafty Crap Thursday and WTFriday. Don't over think these categories -- if it sounds like it counts, it counts. Also, the days are just suggestions. No one will get grumpy with you if you post something NOT related to history on Tuesday, for example.

16. We are individuals. Deal with us in that fashion. This means that if one of us has pissed you off, then you need to deal with that person AS AN INDIVIDUAL. We will take care of it if it's blatant trolling of your space, but we are in many ways a self-modding community. This means that none of us share the same opinions, and we are not expected to. Anyone who comes from here to elsewhere and says something and says they did it because of us/in our name is a effing LIAR. We don't rally the troops. We work on our own. This works in reverse--none of us are the voice of the comm. Not Bean, Not Neth/Kitti, no one. So if you have a problem with the actions of a member here, don't yell at the mod to tell people to behave like we're parents. Go yell at that person. THEY did it. Don't bring the comm into your drama.

17: Don't delete comments to wiggle out of what you said. Now don't get us wrong, people fuck up comments all the live long day. Y'all may delete or edit comments to add new information or fix mistakes/HTML fuck ups you've made. But you cannot delete comments and not immediately repost the comment in some form--and we don't mean "Well, you took my comment wrong/argued with me, so off you go no comment for you." Leave your original info there. No deleting to wiggle out of what you said or because someone said something you didn't like hearing about what you said. You hit post comment, and you keep post comment. Consequence? We don't feel like mucking around. You get one Mod Warning the first time you do it. If you do it again within a short time (short enough that either of us remember warning your ass without having to check archives), then you're banned and if you want to come back, you can reapply. Bean and I are working wimmings and we has not the time to keep spreadsheets and tallies on who is on the third warning or the fifth week long ban or something. If you want to make a comment to a person that you think you would later delete/regret putting out into the intertubes, PM them through the LJ system/email/do it another way if at all possible. Or don't say it.

And if you delete a whole post? No warning, no give a shit, no appeal--you can GTFO.

18. If you sign up to participate in a swap or trade or whatever of any sort, you are agreeing to do things by the deadline given. If you are late on a deadline to a swap, you are banned from the next swap the comm has, but you are more than welcome to participate in the one after. (For example, if you don't send your costume out on time, you have to sit out the card swap, but you can participate in Secret Snarkster, or whatever comes next.)

Application for Admittance (to be expanded as needed:)
Email to
kittikattie and bean_bunny. Click on the links to get our email addresses.

Eljay Name:
How did you find AG over 18?:
Why do you think AG over 18 is a good fit for you?:
If you have any dolls, which ones? If not, which characters do you like/fangirl?:
Have you now, or will you ever, claim that outside forces of any type "made" you buy a $100 doll on impulse without taking any sort of responsibility for your own spending habits?:

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with American Girl or Mattel in any way, we just like some of their dolls. Don't sue us, we don't have any money anyway. We spend it on doll stuff. Damn dolls dress better than we do.